Project Name:

Bowden Brae, Aged Care Facility, Stage 2


Taylor Constructions




Taylor is delivering Stage 2 of the development which links with the existing RACF and Stage 1 (Building A). This new stage comprises a 101 independent living apartment complex along with community spaces such as the pool pavilion, consultation rooms, hair & beauty salon and elevator access from the existing RACF to the pavilion.

The project scope encompasses:

  • Recovery of site plaques/memorabilia from the existing building and hand over to the principal for safe keeping
  • Demolition and site clearance
  • Construction of 101 ILUs in Building B, C, and D
  • Basement carpark under Building C and D
  • Swimming pool and its enclosure
  • Open terrace adjacent to the swimming pool
  • Community facilities on level 4 on Building C
  • Construction of a new lift at the rear of Bowden Brae Gardens to allow access to the facilities in Stage 2
  • Site infrastructure, external works and landscaping
  • Decommissioning of existing substation

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